Marketing Data Solutions Ltd provides targeted, accurate data lists and marketing data services to help our clients achieve their marketing goals and objectives. We are trusted providers of premium quality databases for the UK and beyond, providing both Targeted Consumer and Targeted Business databases for any sector or decision making contact you may require.

Our Digital Marketing suite encompasses both the provision of email and mobile phone numbers, or the options of appending them to an existing database. Additionally we manage and monitor Email & SMS Broadcasting services on behalf of our clients.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we provide totally honest and experienced advice to help our clients make informed and more accurate decisions. We discuss with you your data objectives, your target audience, your timescales and your budgets, before we put forward our data solutions for you to consider. We don’t put pressure on you, we don’t haggle over price or chase you for an update.

Our new customers contact us often because they have been referred to us by other customers or people who have enjoyed our honesty and work ethic. That alone speaks volumes of how we work, how we continue to work and why contacting us today maybe the very best thing you have done for a while!