Targeted Business Data

Targeted business marketing campaigns are over six times more likely to succeed and provide increased profit returns compared with untargeted mass marketing within the business sector.

Marketing Data Solutions provides comprehensive B2B databases and lists covering every major industry in the UK, Europe and beyond.  We have access to the key decision makers that you want to target and by allowing you to select by industry, company size, geography, turnover, number of employees & trading type, you really are assured that the data lists we provide are targeted to your needs.

Business data is researched and updated frequently thus ensuring all data we provide is at its most accurate and relevant to provide you with maximum returns on your investment.

UK Business Data

Marketing Data Solutions is focused on matching your requirements with accurate and targeted data, from our UK business databases.  Whatever the industry sector we will provide names of decision makers to ensure your marketing has the greatest chance of success.

Our Premium UK business data is provided with guarantees of accuracy, as we have an ongoing process of data cleaning and verification. This means the key decision makers are valid and known, so you can market your products and services with confidence.

If you really want to make the biggest impact for your budget you need to choose an independent expert business data supplier, not tied into any one source. Being independent allows us to work with data source suppliers who are experts and niche to the areas you need.

Don’t be fooled into thinking “disk” data or online databases are the best UK data sources.  Only through hands on expert processing and extraction can you be assured you are really getting a tailor-made targeted business database vital to grow your business.

Worldwide Business Data

We have access to a huge amount of worldwide business data.  Certainly too much to detail here.  If you are interested in international business data, let us know what key sectors and decision makers you want to contact.  We will run a count to let you know how many targeted business records we have available to match your criteria.

Government & Public Sector Data

We provide one of the largest and most accurate databases of government and public sector contacts and organisations in the UK. Select organisation types or areas of government, select job functions or titles, UK wide or specific regions/counties/postcodes.

Typical selections include GP’s surgery data, care homes data, housing associations, higher & further education, MP’s data, NHS data, schools, local and central government data.

Data is available for mailing, telephone or email marketing purposes.

European Business Data

We have access to highly targeted and frequently updated European Business Databases.  With more than 25 million businesses and decision makers across Europe, we are the perfect resource for you to plan effective multi country marketing campaigns or find similar new customers in other countries. We can also help you update and improve your existing European business records.

Targeted Consumer Data

Whether you are targeting a specific type of person, a particular geographical area or trying to reach new customers via mail, sms or email, we can help.  We will select the best fit targeted consumer data list for your products and services.

Marketing Data Solutions have access to premium quality UK and worldwide consumer data.  We are able to segment and filter down/filter out, selecting only the very highest quality, relevant data records best suited to your needs.

Using the right consumer data is paramount to your next campaign’s success.  Call us today to see how we can help you win new customers quickly.

UK Consumer Data

Marketing Data Solutions is a totally independent, impartial and trusted Consumer Lists and Consumer Data services company.  We work with the leading UK data owners to purchase only the very best, targeted and accurate Consumer Data lists and Consumer Databases for our clients.

Using our marketing data solutions service will help you get the best out of your direct marketing campaigns, improve your return on investment and increase results and responses.
We start with a detailed consultation with our clients, to really understand who they are trying to reach, their characteristics, demographics and profile. Only then can we put forward various possible solutions for our clients to consider.

This consultative approach means our clients understand their target audience better.  In so doing they create a message that is relevant, timely and targeted to those people most likely to be interested and responsive.

So if you are looking for Consumer Mailing Lists, Consumer Telephone Data, Targeted Email Data or Consumer Mobile Numbers for your SMS Marketing, talk to Marketing Data Solutions today.  Let us work with you to create a tailor made UK Consumer List that really will grow your business quickly.

Worldwide Consumer Data Lists

Marketing Data Solutions provides solutions for multi-channel marketing campaigns to European and Worldwide consumers. These verified data lists include home addresses and telephone numbers and email addresses where possible.

Additionally to help assist with targeting, we provide individuals that can be profiled by age, gender, income, marital status, charitable donors, mail order buyers preferences (clothing, travel, books, sports, hobbies and more).

Email Data & Lists

Marketing Data Solutions is a specialist provider of fully opt-in Email data lists for both businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C).  This opt-in status is compliant with email legislation and the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) code of practice.

In the UK, business email information populates approximately 30% of any given sector.  For example, if you want to target all UK accountants (MDs or FDs) by personal email you may have access to approximately 10,000 senior level personal emails out of a known database of 30,000 UK accountants.

Consumer Email Data is collected from individuals visiting various websites where they opt-in to receive emails and information. Through this we have access to over 13 million fully opt-in email addresses. Selections are available to aid targeting including geographic areas, age, wealth bands & recency of use.

Email Data Lists

Email Data Lists, Email Broadcasting & Email Appending Solutions are directly available from Marketing Data Solutions.

We provide highly Targeted Email Data Lists for both Consumer and Business Email Marketing. Whether you are looking to target emails based on Business key sectors and key decision makers or consumers with hobbies, their demographics or wealth bands, we can help you.

Currently Consumer Email Data sources are totalling over 13 million fully opt-in email addresses. This information is collected from individuals visiting various websites where they opt-in to receive emails and information. This opt-in status is compliant with email legislation and the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) code of practice. Selections are available to aid targeting including geographic areas, age, wealth bands & recency.

Business Email Data Lists can vary between industry sectors. Currently there are over 1 million business emails available and we only source quality Email Lists which are legally compliant, DMA approved and targeted to your needs.

Internationally we have access to over 500,000 European Business Emails.

Email Broadcasting

Marketing Data Solutions has partnered with a quality trusted Email Broadcaster allowing you to send your broadcast when you want, to who you want wherever they may be. We provide full statistical reporting on the number of emails sent, received, opened, click throughs, bounce backs and undeliverable.

Email Appending Services

Email Appending

If you prefer to run the Email Broadcast yourself, you will be interested in our Email Appending Solution, which appends an email to Name & Address detail. Match rates vary from 7-30% as the quality of supplied data is paramount, as is its recency. We provide you with a FREE statistical report on how many emails we can append. You only pay for the emails you want and because we offer 3 tolerance levels to choose from you can pick which level and match routines best suit your email campaign.

Email Marketing shouldn’t be a stab in the dark, let us work with you to target the people and businesses most likely to respond to your offers and services.

Mobile Marketing Services

Why Mobile Marketing?

We already know that businesses can’t afford to ignore the power of mobile marketing in this ever growing market. But just in case you don’t want to take our word for it, we have gathered some important statistics from other industry experts. Here’s why you need to get involved in mobile marketing now, to stay ahead of the competition.

The UK mobile advertising market looks set to finally come of age, with total revenues estimated to grow 840% from £27.47 million this year to £258.27 million by 2015, according to data released by mobileSQUARED.

Solicited advertising, otherwise known as opt-in, or ‘conversational advertising’ is forecast to be worth £25.74 million in 2010, increasing 534% to £163.10 million by 2015, according to mobileSQUARED.

Data from network operators showed that 16 million people in the UK accessed the Internet from their mobile phones in December 2010. They viewed a total of 6.7 billion pages and spent 4.8 billion minutes online. Source: Reuters

Research by the Mobile Marketing Association and Lightspeed Research shows that almost 50% of respondents noticed advertisements in July 2010 that were delivered to their mobile phones. 32% of people who had seen an advert interacted or responded to it in the last month. Almost half of consumers who responded to mobile adverts reported purchasing the product or service.

Mobile Numbers Data Lists

Marketing Data Solutions provides highly targeted and accurate UK Mobile Telephone Data Lists & Mobile Telephone Databases having access to over 8 million UK mobile phone numbers.

Sourced only from suppliers with fully Opt-In regulations, you can be sure that our Mobile Telephone Data lists and SMS/MMS/Short Code messaging campaigns will have the accurate, targeted data information for your digital marketing campaigns to be as successful as possible.

Mobile Numbers data can be selected against a person’s age, demographic, gender, region, job title, recency as well as other criteria. All mobile numbers are highly accurate due to the nature of collection and are fully opted in, so there is no need to send an invitation or warm up SMS as stated by some suppliers.

Having a highly targeted Mobile Telephone data list allows you to cost effectively get your message or offer across to people very quickly. Since most text messages are opened within a few seconds, responses can be dramatic, thus providing you with an opportunity to quickly engage customers with your offerings and services.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how Mobile Marketing might bring you & your company huge rewards quickly and cost effectively.


Mobile Telephone Appending

Appending a UK landline telephone number to a name & address is quite a straightforward process.  Equally it is now the case that mobile telephone numbers can also be found and applied to an individual’s database record.

Due to the nature of the mobile number captured and the fact such information is fully opt-in, Marketing Data Solutions can provide mobile telephone number appending to existing databases. Accuracy and recency of the supplied data will greatly enhance this service.

Mobile Telephone Appending is ideal if you already hold a customer or prospect database and would like to market through the power and efficiencies of text messaging but you don’t have the accurate mobile telephone detail on your database.

You could simply buy a targeted mobile telephone database.  But if you already have a strong targeted database that you work with, why not append mobile numbers and start marketing to these recipients in a fresh new way.

Put yourself and your company ahead of the game and talk to us about how mobile appending will save you money on your marketing message and get your latest offers and services across to your audience quickly.



SMS Broadcasting

Marketing Data Solutions is a professional and experienced provider of mobile marketing solutions to work with you, ensuring your SMS/Text messages reach the recipients you want, as cost effectively as possible.

We broadcast SMS campaigns on behalf of our clients using intuitive software solutions that allow up to 160 characters to be sent as one SMS or if you prefer you can add URL’s or point to specific Mobile Web Pages. If you don’t already have a mobile web page, no problem. We have close relationships with creative designers who can convert your home page or create specific web enabled mobile pages as you require.

Our Pricing

We offer a simple and transparent pricing model for our clients. We have a pay upfront service, with no contracts or commitments, because we are confident you will be extremely satisfied with our service.

Every account is free to open and enjoys no monthly fees or hidden costs. We have no minimum contract period on our accounts, and no ties.

Typical Rates

Prices are dependent upon the amount of SMS credits you wish to purchase, 1 credit = 1 SMS / Text send provided the recipient is UK based. If the text is going abroad, 2 or more credits may be required.

Prices can be as low as 3p per text but typically 4.5 – 6.5p per text is common for most customers. This rate compares well when you consider the cost of a stamp, printing and mailing costs.

So let Marketing Data Solutions bring your marketing into the digital world with quality mobile data solutions.

Let us append mobile numbers to your existing databases or let us provide you with targeted & accurate databases, and run the broadcast on your behalf.




Data Cleansing & Validation

Marketing Data Solutions cleans & enhances Business & Consumer Databases on behalf of our customers.

We help identify businesses that have relocated or are no longer trading. We can append Senior Contact details and update telephone and address detail.

Likewise we help identify Consumers that have moved away, gone away or passed away, enabling you to make informed decisions on who you want to contact and where.

Marketing Data Solutions recognises the importance of accurate client data. We help our clients maintain the accuracy of their own existing databases by providing data validation services to check landline, mobile numbers and email addresses. This then ensures their multi channel marketing campaigns are utilising live and up-to-date contact information.

UK Consumer & Business Data Cleansing

When was the last time you checked your existing database to understand the quality of your data?

When was the last time you profiled your existing customers to understand their behaviour, characteristics or similarities?

Marketing Data Solutions cleans & enhances Business & Consumer Databases. We can help identify Businesses that have moved / relocated or are no longer trading. We can append Senior Contact details and update telephone and address detail. Business data can decay at over 20% per annum so it is incredibly important for you to run a health check on your data every 6 months to keep your records accurate, up to date, relevant and useable.

Consumer databases are affected in much the same way as business data since;

  1. 18,000 people move address/house every day in the UK
  2. approximately 1,600 people die every day in the UK
  3. over 30% of UK Email addresses change every year
  4. over 50% of the UK telephone population are now ex-directory listed

Free Data Audits with Marketing Data Solutions

We provide a free data audit service to analyse your Business (B2B) or Consumer (B2C) databases. Simply provide us with your databases, in excel, csv or fixed format, and in return you will receive a simple, easy to understand report. This will explain the quality and health of your data, how much it may cost to update it and append items if required. This activity will bring it up to date and ensure it is relevant and legally compliant.

In our experience the integrity of your marketing communication will have a direct impact on your success and response rates. The financial cost of marketing using poor data will always outweigh the investment of cleaning up your databases. In addition, the embarrassment and stress caused by marketing to a deceased person can have a huge negative impact on your company & brand.

UK Telephone Data Validation

Marketing Data Solutions recognises the importance of accurate client data and we help our clients maintain their own existing databases, ensuring their multi channel marketing campaigns are utilising live and up-to-date contact information.

We are well aware that data decays every day, month and year. Typically landline telephone numbers in the UK decay at a rate of approx 20% per annum.

Marketing Data Solutions can validate client information to check its accuracy and recency across the three most important channels today:

  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Email


We can identify if the landline telephone number you provide us is live and contactable and we can even tell you why a number won’t connect, giving you valuable information on who you should prioritise and who perhaps you shouldn’t try to contact.


We also provide mobile checking and validation, providing you with information as to whether the mobile numbers you have supplied are live, invalid or dead.

Landline and Mobile Validation services are over 99% accurate at the point of validation.


Email marketing is a hugely important marketing channel for our clients and we provide solutions that check the validity and accuracy of an email address and thus ensure our clients only send emails to people who have provided accurate and live email addresses.

To Re-Cap

It is so important to our clients that they utilise their time and marketing efforts contacting people who want to be contacted through their preferred communication channel.  In order to do this, our clients need their customer contact data to be accurate and live. At Marketing Data Solutions we help to maintain customer data by validation and provide our clients with valuable information to help them make better, more informed business decisions.

Banner Advertising

Marketing Data Solutions Ltd can help you choose the right online advertising strategy for your business.

Online advertising has proven itself to be a very cost effective marketing channel and our banner campaigns are particularly suited to clients who are focused on achieving a maximum return on investment.

With a UK audience of millions our solutions can generate response levels far in excess of other marketing channels and the websites you can appear on are all premium, reputable websites such as national newspapers, motor/car sites, leading magazine sites, food websites, healthcare sites, TV sites, travel/holiday websites, technology sites, living and leisure type websites.

Advertise your products and services on websites which match your brand, your product and your service.

If you haven’t got a suitable ad banner that’s not a problem, we can get something really good created (at no extra cost) based on content from your website. We will work with you to design a banner which fulfils your brief and your campaign will not go live until the final draft meets your full approval.

Just like other digital marketing campaigns we provide a campaign report which is extensive & detailed and gives you the information to understand precisely how your online advertising has performed.

So whether you’re a business looking to sell products to other businesses (B2B) or whether you’re reaching out to Consumers (B2C) online advertising and banner advertising is a very affordable channel, providing tangible responses which can result in quick and impressive gains.

Prices and what we Offer

All our campaigns run for a minimum 28 days & all our banners are Leaderboard Banner sized. If you wish to run your Ad’s for longer (say 3 or 6 months) or if you wish to buy more Ad’s, just call us for an up to the minute quote.

We have two very simple offerings;

  1. Mass Banner Advertising on leading premium websites = 2 million AD’s @ £999 plus vat
  2. Targeted Website Banner Advertising = 28,000 AD’s targeted at the Premium Websites of your choice @ £999 plus vat

The benefits of Banner Advertising are huge in that the costs per thousand rate is very small and it is an ideal channel for generating affordable traffic to your business.

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