Banner Advertising

Marketing Data Solutions Ltd can help you choose the right online advertising strategy for your business.

Online advertising has proven itself to be a very cost effective marketing channel and our banner campaigns are particularly suited to clients who are focused on achieving a maximum return on investment.

With a UK audience of millions our solutions can generate response levels far in excess of other marketing channels and the websites you can appear on are all premium, reputable websites such as national newspapers, motor/car sites, leading magazine sites, food websites, healthcare sites, TV sites, travel/holiday websites, technology sites, living and leisure type websites.

Advertise your products and services on websites which match your brand, your product and your service.

If you haven’t got a suitable ad banner that’s not a problem, we can get something really good created (at no extra cost) based on content from your website. We will work with you to design a banner which fulfils your brief and your campaign will not go live until the final draft meets your full approval.

Just like other digital marketing campaigns we provide a campaign report which is extensive & detailed and gives you the information to understand precisely how your online advertising has performed.

So whether you’re a business looking to sell products to other businesses (B2B) or whether you’re reaching out to Consumers (B2C) online advertising and banner advertising is a very affordable channel, providing tangible responses which can result in quick and impressive gains.

Prices and what we Offer

All our campaigns run for a minimum 28 days & all our banners are Leaderboard Banner sized. If you wish to run your Ad’s for longer (say 3 or 6 months) or if you wish to buy more Ad’s, just call us for an up to the minute quote.

We have two very simple offerings;

  1. Mass Banner Advertising on leading premium websites = 2 million AD’s @ £999 plus vat
  2. Targeted Website Banner Advertising = 28,000 AD’s targeted at the Premium Websites of your choice @ £999 plus vat

The benefits of Banner Advertising are huge in that the costs per thousand rate is very small and it is an ideal channel for generating affordable traffic to your business.

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