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Why Mobile Marketing?

We already know that businesses can’t afford to ignore the power of mobile marketing in this ever growing market. But just in case you don’t want to take our word for it, we have gathered some important statistics from other industry experts. Here’s why you need to get involved in mobile marketing now, to stay ahead of the competition.

The UK mobile advertising market looks set to finally come of age, with total revenues estimated to grow 840% from £27.47 million this year to £258.27 million by 2015, according to data released by mobileSQUARED.

Solicited advertising, otherwise known as opt-in, or ‘conversational advertising’ is forecast to be worth £25.74 million in 2010, increasing 534% to £163.10 million by 2015, according to mobileSQUARED.

Data from network operators showed that 16 million people in the UK accessed the Internet from their mobile phones in December 2010. They viewed a total of 6.7 billion pages and spent 4.8 billion minutes online. Source: Reuters

Research by the Mobile Marketing Association and Lightspeed Research shows that almost 50% of respondents noticed advertisements in July 2010 that were delivered to their mobile phones. 32% of people who had seen an advert interacted or responded to it in the last month. Almost half of consumers who responded to mobile adverts reported purchasing the product or service.

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