Mobile Numbers Data Lists

Marketing Data Solutions provides highly targeted and accurate UK Mobile Telephone Data Lists & Mobile Telephone Databases having access to over 8 million UK mobile phone numbers.

Sourced only from suppliers with fully Opt-In regulations, you can be sure that our Mobile Telephone Data lists and SMS/MMS/Short Code messaging campaigns will have the accurate, targeted data information for your digital marketing campaigns to be as successful as possible.

Mobile Numbers data can be selected against a person’s age, demographic, gender, region, job title, recency as well as other criteria. All mobile numbers are highly accurate due to the nature of collection and are fully opted in, so there is no need to send an invitation or warm up SMS as stated by some suppliers.

Having a highly targeted Mobile Telephone data list allows you to cost effectively get your message or offer across to people very quickly. Since most text messages are opened within a few seconds, responses can be dramatic, thus providing you with an opportunity to quickly engage customers with your offerings and services.

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