Mobile Telephone Appending

Appending a UK landline telephone number to a name & address is quite a straightforward process.  Equally it is now the case that mobile telephone numbers can also be found and applied to an individual’s database record.

Due to the nature of the mobile number captured and the fact such information is fully opt-in, Marketing Data Solutions can provide mobile telephone number appending to existing databases. Accuracy and recency of the supplied data will greatly enhance this service.

Mobile Telephone Appending is ideal if you already hold a customer or prospect database and would like to market through the power and efficiencies of text messaging but you don’t have the accurate mobile telephone detail on your database.

You could simply buy a targeted mobile telephone database.  But if you already have a strong targeted database that you work with, why not append mobile numbers and start marketing to these recipients in a fresh new way.

Put yourself and your company ahead of the game and talk to us about how mobile appending will save you money on your marketing message and get your latest offers and services across to your audience quickly.



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