UK Consumer & Business Data Cleansing

When was the last time you checked your existing database to understand the quality of your data?

When was the last time you profiled your existing customers to understand their behaviour, characteristics or similarities?

Marketing Data Solutions cleans & enhances Business & Consumer Databases. We can help identify Businesses that have moved / relocated or are no longer trading. We can append Senior Contact details and update telephone and address detail. Business data can decay at over 20% per annum so it is incredibly important for you to run a health check on your data every 6 months to keep your records accurate, up to date, relevant and useable.

Consumer databases are affected in much the same way as business data since;

  1. 18,000 people move address/house every day in the UK
  2. approximately 1,600 people die every day in the UK
  3. over 30% of UK Email addresses change every year
  4. over 50% of the UK telephone population are now ex-directory listed

Free Data Audits with Marketing Data Solutions

We provide a free data audit service to analyse your Business (B2B) or Consumer (B2C) databases. Simply provide us with your databases, in excel, csv or fixed format, and in return you will receive a simple, easy to understand report. This will explain the quality and health of your data, how much it may cost to update it and append items if required. This activity will bring it up to date and ensure it is relevant and legally compliant.

In our experience the integrity of your marketing communication will have a direct impact on your success and response rates. The financial cost of marketing using poor data will always outweigh the investment of cleaning up your databases. In addition, the embarrassment and stress caused by marketing to a deceased person can have a huge negative impact on your company & brand.

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